The popular Twitch streamer opens up about his past mistakes and how he has worked to improve himself for the sake of his relationship.

Felix “xQc” is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world. He is known for his high-energy gameplay, his often controversial opinions, and his sometimes volatile personality.

In a recent interview, xQc opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend, Adept. He talked about his past mistakes, how he has worked to improve himself for the sake of their relationship, and his hopes for the future.

xQc said that he used to be a very toxic person. He would often lash out at his teammates and opponents in-game, and he would also be verbally abusive to Adept.

“I was a piece of shit,” xQc said. “I was toxic, I was mean, and I was abusive. I didn’t deserve her.”

xQc said that he realized that he needed to change if he wanted to keep Adept in his life. He started going to therapy, and he began to work on his anger management issues.

“I’m not perfect,” xQc said. “I still make mistakes, but I’m trying to be better.”

xQc said that he is grateful for Adept’s patience and understanding. He said that she is the love of his life, and he is committed to making their relationship work.

“She is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” xQc said. “I love her more than anything in the world.”

xQc’s story is a reminder that it is never too late to change. He is proof that it is possible to overcome your past mistakes and build a better future.

Additional Information:

Here are some additional details about xQc’s relationship with Adept:

  • The couple has been together for over two years.
  • They met online through Twitch.
  • They live together in Los Angeles.

xQc is hopeful that his story will inspire others who are struggling with their own personal issues. He wants people to know that it is possible to change and to find happiness.