Company says it is working to improve accuracy

Microsoft has admitted that the video transcriber feature in its Edge Copilot productivity extension is not as accurate as it had hoped.

The feature, which was released in preview in October 2023, uses artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe videos. However, Microsoft has said that it is still under development and that it is working to improve its accuracy.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the video transcriber is currently accurate about 70% of the time. The company said that it is working to improve this accuracy by using a technique called “continuous learning.”

Continuous learning involves using feedback from users to improve the accuracy of the AI model. Microsoft said that it is collecting feedback from users and that it is using this feedback to improve the video transcriber.

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Microsoft said that it expects the video transcriber to be more accurate in the future. The company said that it is committed to improving the feature and that it is working to make it a valuable tool for users.