(Image credit: NVIDIA)

(Image credit: NVIDIA)

Game streaming enthusiasts, rejoice! NVIDIA GeForce Now has just unleashed a double dose of exciting news for gamers everywhere. First, the platform has added one of Steam’s hottest new releases, The Day Before, to its growing library. And secondly, it has reached a remarkable milestone by welcoming its 100th PC Game Pass title, further expanding its already impressive selection of titles.

The Day Before Arrives: A Post-Apocalyptic Playground Awaits

For fans of open-world survival games, the wait is finally over. The Day Before, a highly anticipated title set in a post-apocalyptic America overrun by infected, has arrived on GeForce Now. This immersive and action-packed game lets you explore a vast and dangerous world, scavenging for resources, crafting weapons and tools, and battling for survival against both the undead and other players.

GeForce Now Welcomes Its 100th PC Game Pass Title: A Celebration of Choice

The addition of The Day Before coincides with another significant milestone for GeForce Now: the platform now boasts 100 PC Game Pass titles! This means gamers with both subscriptions can access a truly massive and diverse collection of games, ranging from AAA blockbusters to indie gems, all without the need for expensive hardware or downloads.

A Winning Combination: Powering The Future of Gaming

This double announcement reinforces NVIDIA’s commitment to providing gamers with the best possible cloud gaming experience. By combining the power of GeForce Now with the vast libraries of both Steam and PC Game Pass, NVIDIA is making high-quality gaming more accessible than ever before.

What This Means for Gamers?

  • More Games, More Fun: The addition of The Day Before and the 100th PC Game Pass title significantly expands the options available to GeForce Now users, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • No Need for Powerful Hardware: With GeForce Now, you can play even the most demanding games on virtually any device, regardless of its specs.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Stream your games from anywhere, anytime, and pick up right where you left off on any compatible device.
  • Cost-Effective: GeForce Now offers subscription tiers to fit different budgets, making it a great option for those who want to enjoy a wide variety of games without breaking the bank.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for GeForce Now?

With the addition of The Day Before and the 100th PC Game Pass title, NVIDIA GeForce Now is clearly on a roll. We can expect the platform to continue to grow and evolve, adding even more exciting features and games in the months and years to come. So buckle up, gamers, the future of cloud gaming is looking bright, and NVIDIA GeForce Now is leading the way.