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Summary: Apple’s next iteration of the popular iPhone SE, the SE 4, is rumored to utilize the same battery as its premium sibling, the iPhone 14. This information, sourced from anonymous individuals within Apple’s supply chain, suggests a potential upgrade in battery life for the budget-friendly SE model.

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Possible Shared Battery Specs:

As reported by MacRumors, the iPhone SE 4 may boast a battery capacity of 3,095mAh, identical to the standard iPhone 14. While this would represent a slight increase compared to the 2,406mAh battery found in the iPhone SE 3, the true impact on battery life remains to be seen.

Potential Implications:

While a larger battery capacity certainly holds promise for improved endurance, it’s essential to consider other factors impacting battery life. These include screen size, processor efficiency, and software optimization. Further details regarding the SE 4’s hardware and software configuration are crucial for determining the actual battery performance improvement.

Potential Release Timeline:

The iPhone SE 4 is currently anticipated to launch in March 2024. This timeline aligns with previous release cycles for the SE series, offering enthusiasts a potential date to mark their calendars.

Source: MacRumors