Summary: Disney and Hulu have launched a beta version of a single-app experience that combines both streaming services into one interface. The app, currently available for U.S. subscribers, allows users to browse content by genre, title, or recommendation, create watchlists, and track their progress across different devices.

Streaming services have become an integral part of entertainment consumption, offering a vast array of content choices. Disney Plus and Hulu, two popular streaming platforms, have taken a significant step towards enhancing the user experience by integrating their offerings into a single app. This move aims to simplify content access and provide subscribers with a seamless streaming experience.

Availability and Content

The integrated Disney Plus and Hulu app is currently available exclusively to U.S. subscribers. It can be accessed on mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. The app combines a wide range of content from both Disney Plus and Hulu, encompassing movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports. This integration offers subscribers a diverse selection of entertainment options, all within one platform.

Key Features:

  1. Browse and Search: Users can browse content by genre, title, or recommendation, making it easier to discover new shows and movies.
  2. Watchlists: The app allows users to create watchlists for both Disney Plus and Hulu content, helping them keep track of their favorite shows and movies.
  3. Cross-Device Progress Tracking: Subscribers can seamlessly continue watching content on different devices while the app tracks their progress.

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Motivation Behind Integration

The integration of Disney Plus and Hulu into a single app is driven by the desire to streamline the streaming experience for subscribers. By eliminating the need to switch between two separate apps, users can access a broader range of content more conveniently.

Future Expansion Plans: While the integrated app is currently available only to U.S. subscribers, there are plans to launch a global version in 2024. This expansion will bring the benefits of a unified streaming experience to audiences worldwide.


  1. Convenience: Subscribers can access both Disney Plus and Hulu content within a single app, reducing the need for app-switching.
  2. Personalization: The app enables users to browse and search for content seamlessly across both services, enhancing personalization.
  3. Improved Navigation: Recommendations and genre-based browsing make it easier to discover new content.
  4. Streamlined Experience: Watchlists and progress tracking across devices provide a cohesive streaming experience.


  1. Beta Stage: As the app is currently in beta, users may encounter bugs or limited features that are still being refined.
  2. U.S. Only: The integrated app’s availability is currently limited to U.S. subscribers, with global expansion planned for the future.
  3. Separate Subscriptions Required: Users need separate subscriptions to both Disney Plus and Hulu to access content through the integrated app.


The integration of Disney Plus and Hulu into a single app marks a significant development in the world of streaming services. While it is currently in beta and exclusive to U.S. subscribers, its potential for global expansion and the benefits it offers in terms of convenience, personalization, and improved navigation make it a promising addition for fans of both platforms.

Source: The Verge