Summary: This article discusses cloud gaming on Samsung TVs, highlighting the availability of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 for new users and the success of Bethesda’s new space-themed RPG, Starfield.

Microsoft’s gaming division has been at the forefront of the gaming industry, consistently delivering exciting news and innovations to gamers worldwide. From subscription service deals to record-breaking game successes, Microsoft continues to shape the gaming landscape. This article delves into the latest gaming-related updates from Microsoft, including new opportunities for gamers and the outstanding performance of Starfield.

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Gaming Hub on Samsung TVs

Microsoft has expanded its gaming ecosystem to Samsung TVs through the Gaming Hub app. This move provides users with access to various cloud gaming services, enhancing the gaming experience for those who prefer playing on the big screen. Some of the services available include GeForce Now, Utomik, Blacknut, and Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deal

New users looking to explore the vast world of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now do so with a special deal. For just $1, they can enjoy a 14-day trial of the service, which typically costs $16.99 per month. This offer opens the door to a vast library of games and exclusive perks, making it an attractive option for both new and seasoned gamers.

Starfield’s Remarkable Success

Starfield, the highly anticipated IP from Bethesda, has exceeded expectations by amassing over 12 million players. This significant milestone was achieved in less than three weeks following the game’s release on Xbox Series consoles and PC. The game’s success has solidified its position among the top 10 most-played games from Microsoft-owned studios.

Starfield on Samsung TVs

Samsung TV users can now join the Starfield adventure through the Gaming Hub app. This integration allows players to experience the game on compatible televisions, offering a new level of immersion and convenience.

Unclear Player Distribution

While Microsoft has celebrated Starfield’s impressive player count, it has not provided a breakdown of players across PC, Xbox, and the Gaming Hub on Samsung TVs. Understanding the distribution of players could provide valuable insights into the game’s popularity across different platforms.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s gaming division continues to make significant strides in the gaming industry. From expanding access to cloud gaming services on Samsung TVs to offering enticing deals for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the company remains committed to providing exceptional gaming experiences. Additionally, the exceptional success of Starfield demonstrates Microsoft’s ability to deliver highly anticipated titles to a global audience.


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