Summary: Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone with an under-screen camera, which would eliminate the need for a notch or hole-punch cutout on the display. The company’s suppliers have already begun developing the components necessary to make this happen, but the launch is still a few years away.

Apple is embarking on a significant technological endeavor to incorporate under-display front cameras in future iPhone models, potentially eliminating the need for intrusive screen notches. This innovative step could redefine smartphone photography and design.

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LG’s Critical Role in Technical Advancements

The South Korean conglomerate LG is playing a pivotal role in Apple’s quest for under-display cameras. Two LG divisions are actively involved in the development process.

Face ID Transition and Android Competitors

While under-display cameras hold great promise, the transition of Apple’s Face ID technology to under the display is anticipated to occur before the integration of under-display cameras. The Android ecosystem has already ventured into this territory, with some notable devices featuring under-display cameras.

The Roadmap for iPhones with Under-Display Cameras

The journey towards iPhones with under-display cameras is marked by technical challenges and innovation milestones. Analysts suggest that consumers may need to wait until 2027 for Apple to unveil this groundbreaking feature.

In summary, Apple’s exploration of under-display cameras signifies a significant leap in smartphone technology. LG’s contributions to this endeavor and the competition from Android counterparts highlight the industry’s ongoing quest for innovation. The roadmap to iPhones with under-display cameras is paved with exciting developments and evolving consumer expectations.

 Source: MacRumors