“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” has received a new update on PC, reviving one of Bethesda’s most controversial features. Update 1.6.1130 reintroduces the contentious paid mods system, originally implemented in 2015, sparking fresh debates among the game’s community.

Paid Mods Reinstated

The latest update brings a significant change to the game’s modding landscape. A newly designed menu consolidates the previously separate Mods and Creations menus into a single, unified Creations menu. This change aims to offer a streamlined way for players to discover, download, and play community-made content. The integrated Creations menu now encompasses Skyrim’s existing Mods, Creation Club items, and all-new Creations.

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Verified Creator Program

Bethesda has also introduced the Bethesda Game Studios Verified Creator Program. This initiative allows creators to apply for verification, and if accepted, they gain the ability to set their own prices for their mods from a predefined selection of options. More information about this program and its application process is available on Bethesda’s official webpage.

Impact on Modding Community

However, the update has not been without its issues. Notably, it has disrupted SKSE-related mods, necessitating modders to update their creations for compatibility with the new game version. Modders and players alike are adjusting to these changes, with some expressing concerns over the potential impacts on the modding community.

Additional Updates and Support

Alongside the reintroduction of paid mods, the update includes official Steam Deck support and several bug fixes. Full details of the update can be found in the release notes on Bethesda’s website.

Historical Context

This update marks Bethesda’s second attempt to monetize Skyrim mods. The first attempt, through a special Steam Workshop feature with a pay-what-you-want system, faced substantial backlash and was quickly retracted. Similarly, a previous effort with Fallout 4’s Creation Club led to legal action against Bethesda. Given this history, the success of the new paid mods system remains uncertain.


The reintroduction of paid mods in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” represents a bold move by Bethesda, reflecting an ongoing effort to monetize and regulate community-created content. While the update offers new opportunities for creators, it also revives a deeply divisive issue within the Skyrim community. The reaction to this latest development will be closely watched, as it could shape the future of modding in Bethesda’s games.