Minecraft, the popular sandbox video game, is constantly being updated with new features and content. In a recent update, Mojang Studios added two new features that are sure to make crafting and decorating easier and more creative.


The first new feature is auto-crafting, which allows players to automatically craft items without having to manually input the recipe. To use auto-crafting, players simply need to place the desired item in an anvil and then select the “Auto-craft” option. The anvil will then automatically craft the item using the necessary materials.

Auto-crafting is a great way to save time and effort when crafting large amounts of items. For example, players can use auto-crafting to quickly craft a stack of arrows or a set of armor.

New pot functions

The second new feature is new pot functions, which allow players to use pots for more than just storing items. Now, players can use pots to:

New pot functions are a great way to add more functionality to pots and make them more useful.

Overall, the new auto-crafting and new pot functions are two welcome additions to Minecraft. They make crafting and decorating easier and more creative, giving players more options to customize their experience.