In the latest game update, developers have addressed several critical gameplay and miscellaneous issues to enhance player experience. The key updates are as follows:

Gameplay Improvements:

  1. Grenade Throw Adjustments: A bug that sometimes delayed grenade throw strength adjustments has been fixed.
  2. Grenade Throw Mechanics: Previously, attempting to switch to a grenade immediately after throwing it would cancel the throw. This issue has been resolved.
  3. Intermediate Strength Grenade Throws: Players can now achieve an intermediate strength grenade throw without delay by pressing primary and secondary attack simultaneously.
  4. Player Movement: Several cases where players were sticking while sliding against geometry have been fixed.
  5. Player Pings Coloration: Player pings will now be displayed in the player’s color, improving visibility and distinction during gameplay.

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Miscellaneous Fixes:

  1. Ace Round MVP Calculation: A bug in the “Ace Round MVP” calculation, which occurred when teams had a different number of players, has been fixed.
  2. Shorthanded Bonus Logic: The logic for the shorthanded bonus, which sometimes incorrectly accounted for kicked players, has been corrected.

These updates demonstrate the developers’ commitment to refining the gaming experience and addressing community feedback. Players can expect smoother gameplay with these improvements, especially regarding grenade mechanics and player interactions within the game environment