Chelsea Takes Cautious Approach with Nkunku’s Comeback After Preseason Setback

London, November 8, 2023 – Chelsea FC is taking a cautious approach to ensure the successful return of Christopher Nkunku after the unfortunate setback he faced during the Premier League preseason this summer.

The decision by Chelsea is to prioritize Nkunku’s long-term well-being and fitness, and the club does not intend to rush his return to action. It has been revealed that Nkunku’s comeback is not expected to happen this weekend when Chelsea faces Manchester City.

Nkunku had encountered difficulties during the preseason, and as a result, the club is adopting a cautious stance to allow him the necessary time to fully recover and regain his form.

Sources within Chelsea suggest that the club is still planning with Nkunku back after the next international break. This approach aims to ensure that the talented midfielder is back to his best and ready to contribute to Chelsea’s campaign in the Premier League.

While the fans eagerly await Nkunku’s return to the pitch, Chelsea remains committed to his rehabilitation and recovery process, prioritizing his health and fitness above all else. The club and its fans look forward to witnessing Nkunku’s triumphant return to the Premier League in the near future.

According to journalist Fabrizio Romano