The 2023 Tesla Model Y is an intriguing proposition in the world of electric cars, based on the popular Model 3 sedan.

Despite some criticisms, this electric crossover has carved out a significant share of the market.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail what the Model Y offers and how it stands out in the competitive electric vehicle landscape.

Starting at $46,630

What’s New for 2023?

Tesla continues to refine its Model Y offering to meet consumer demands. In 2023, the addition of a Standard Range model with rear-wheel drive and a range of 260 miles provides a more affordable option.

Additionally, the Long Range and Performance models continue to lead the way in range, offering 330 and 303 miles, respectively.

Powertrain, Power, and Performance

The Tesla Model Y lineup offers choices for a range of preferences. The Standard Range model with rear-wheel drive starts the lineup, while the Long Range and Performance models stand out thanks to their dual motors and all-wheel drive.

These models deliver impressive performance, with 0-60 mph acceleration in just a few seconds. However, it’s worth noting that while the Model Y offers ample power, it doesn’t provide the same driving satisfaction as the Model 3 due to its higher center of gravity.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

The Tesla Model Y offers various range options, allowing buyers to choose the model that best suits their needs.

From the 260 miles of the Standard Range model to the 330 miles of the Long Range models, range is one of the Model Y’s advantages.

Furthermore, the Performance model offers a dedicated Track mode for a more spirited driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency and MPGe in the Real World

In terms of energy efficiency, the Model Y is an economical choice. The Long Range model has an estimated 127 MPGe in the city and 117 MPGe on the highway, while the Performance model offers 115 MPGe in the city and 106 MPGe on the highway.

While these estimates are impressive, it’s important to note that real-world results may vary.

In our tests, the Model Y achieved values close to the estimates, demonstrating its commitment to fuel efficiency.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo Capacity

The Model Y’s interior is similar to the Model 3, featuring a minimalist design and a large infotainment screen on the dashboard.

The panoramic glass roof creates a sense of spaciousness in the cabin, although it’s designed to shield occupants from direct sunlight.

The optional third-row seating is an interesting addition, though it’s more suitable for children.


The 2023 Tesla Model Y is a notable addition to Tesla’s growing lineup of electric vehicles.

With options for range, power, and performance, it caters to a variety of buyer needs.

While it has its drawbacks, such as interior quality and competition with luxury SUVs, the Model Y stands out for its range and commitment to energy efficiency.

For those in the market for an electric crossover, the Model Y continues to be an attractive option.